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Brief Overview

Product Research & Development


JFF is an organisation driven by innovation and constant improvement, and this work culture of ours is reflected on our product research and development. We make earnest efforts to study, learn and understand the discriminating tastes and individual preferences of the customers with meticulous details. We make use of all sources of information, including our own workers, customers, sales personnel, formal marketing research, and other external sources. Our concerned staff members regularly attend exhibitions / fairs to keep abreast with the latest trends in furniture related technologies and developments.

Product Design


JFF has a well-equipped Design department, manned by highly skilled and experienced Designers & Engineers. The designs are executed through advance Computer Aided Design (CAD) software, supported by latest Graphics Work Stations and other information technology based design aids. Our skilled and talented designers always make the best efforts to produce creative designs with meticulous details in order to incorporate the customer requirements. However, appropriate systems and procedures are built into the management of the design process by dividing it into different stages with control points at each stage. These control and check points ensure that the design requirements concerning safety, reliability and fidelity to the customer requirements are not compromised for the sake of creativity alone.

Manufacturing / Production Process


JFF fully subscribes to the philosophy of excellence in manufacturing. We have identified factors such as people, equipment, materials, methods, environment and measurement as the essential elements to achieve this aim. Artisans and operators with requisite skills and experience, latest state-of-the-art woodworking machines, material procured mostly from ISO certified suppliers / manufacturers, documented production methods consisting of procedures and quality work instructions, a work environment in which all the parameters are controlled to the largest extent possible, as well as a measurement system for effective feedback on the process and product characteristics are some of the hallmarks of our manufacturing system. Consistency of the quality of our products has been mostly guaranteed by the implementation of this system.

Production Planning & Inventory Control


The thrust of JFF is on individualised customisation of the products. From our experience over the years, we have realised that both customisation and standardisation of the designs is a unrealistic goal. However, with meticulous planning for production as well as inventory, we have been able to set out planning horizons for effective customer requirements planning and meeting the different time-phased customised product in time. By employing the use of different planning and optimisation software such as CUT-RITE, which considerably optimises the yield on board, project planning software that facilitates effective project planning, etc.

Integrated Computer Aided Manufacturing


A manufacturing software package has been implemented to handle JFF’s production and inventory control. This system facilitates the management and interrelation of all aspects of manufacturing cycle using the following modules – master scheduling, material requirement planning, capacity and shop floor control, etc. A very sophisticated cut-rite software system is used to optimise the yield on the board.

Marketing and Distribution


JFF is strongly supported by a professional marketing and distribution team of Riyadh House Co. – Al Jeraisy all over the kingdom through their various showrooms & offices. Over the years, JFF has established itself as a major player in the kingdom’s furniture market and an approved supplier for major national and multi-national companies and private Institutions such as ARAMCO, major banks, universities, hospitals, hotels, as well as many of the government departments / ministries.



Quality at JFF forms the commitment of the highest level of management, and the spiral of quality percolate down to the lowest echelons of the operating personnel. Quality is built into all our systems and procedures, commencing from planning of the product. It evolves the process of customer specifications / requirements, design engineering, material procurement, process design, production, inspection, packaging and storage, and finally, culminating with product servicing. Appropriate quality checks and safeguards against non-conformance to specifications are built into each stage. Therefore, achievement of the highest level of quality is not an accident, but the result of meticulous planning, fool-proof implementation, and tenacious adherence to the quality standards and objectives arrived at through unanimous consensus.


JFF firmly believes that ‘Total Quality’ is not an end in itself, rather it is a journey through the process of continuous improvement. An effectively planned and implemented ‘Quality Assurance System’ will provide the starting point and lay the strong foundation for such a long drawn journey through continuous improvement.


As a manifestation of the above policies, our factory is committed to adhere to the stringent. Requirements of ISO. 9001-2015 standard.

Machines / Equipment


Our team of qualified technicians and designers combine their knowledge and experience to produce the furniture through some of the most modern and advanced machinery & equipment available in the furniture industry. Moreover, we always keep abreast with the latest developments in the technology of machines & equipment, through overseas exhibitions and magazines, and upgrade our machines or buy new ones depending on our requirements.


Industrial Safety / Environment Protection


JFF has implemented strict procedures and guidelines to ensure a safe working environment for both workers as well as machines / equipment. In fact, JFF is the recipient of Civil Defence award for the ‘Safest factory’ in 1995-96. Besides, we are always conscious of the need to protect the environment, and appropriate measures are in place to this effect.



Regular trainings are conducted for workers to improve their on-the-job performance, and keep them abreast with new systems / technologies, as well as orientation programs for new employees. Most of the trainings are internal, conducted by senior employees or skilled technicians, and proper training records are maintained. Wherever required, external trainings are arranged such as Root Cause Analysis training, ISO Internal auditor training, etc.




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