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Booth | 12006

JFF phone booth that moves forward protection when taking phone calls in open spaces and office situations. Its protection structure offers fabulous acoustic assurance from troublesome sounds. This phone booth can be introduced without changes to existing structures or dividers, as well as reassembled in another area. In spite of the compact estimate of this phone booth, it is spacious sufficient to fit single stool chair orĀ  JFF couche.


Office Booth 12006 : Single Person Booth with foldable top inside,Top, ends, back and bottom made of MDF with Painted finish,Inside padded with acoustic panel.Wooden frame with glass hinge doors.





Acoustic Panel, Fabric, Foam, MDF, Melamine, Paint, PVC Edging, Rubber, Wooden Panel


MDF with Painted White / Acoustic Grey / SWD Frame Clear Glass Door Tempered,With 02 Exhaust Fan.


1000 W x 1000 D x 2400 mm HT.

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